Stieglitz 19

anna lower

Chad Moore


Opening november 15th



Lots of people talk about youth as a journey.  But most journey’s have endings, or at least destinations.  Chad Moore’s photographs capture that moment when the end of the journey, or even the journey itself, are but after thoughts in the narrative of the moment.  A kiss shared, a sunrise witnessed, the feeling of being both embraced and alone in a downtown whose best days might have passed it by.  Time moves, birthdays pass, bars open and close, friendships, romances, fade. There is both something nostalgic and hopeful, ephemeral moments made permanent in a lens, memories of times experienced but unable to be conjured again in the algorithm of our lives.  But there, in the moment of youth, there is no destination or journey, only the experience.  Caught in the amber light between the green of childhood and the red of adulthood, at the crossroads of life, is where Chad Moore’s photographs live.
Taking his subjects as they are, Moore’s photos evoke the stories that lead to these moments in the journey of youth that we see.  A tenderness is present even in the often gritty and innuendo filled downtown locales that play host to his photos.