Stieglitz 19


Vincent Delbrouck – Catalogue


exhibition november 20th – january 7th







The solo show, made by Vincent Delbrouck (aka V.D.) at Stieglitz19 gallery, reflects a swelling photographic world. It is the rapid expansion in schizophrenic mode of a man who wanders night and day along his branching paths, prey to contradictions and continuous interior chatter. The pictorial softness that traverses the epileptic fields of a restless brain and brings it back to the silence of a portrait or the small details of a still life sits alongside, here and there, the awkwardness of a neurotic gesture on a sheet of paper, in complete freedom. No linearity. The exploration of his obsessions is humbly presented as an essential engine of his writing. Photographs, collages, photocopies,… are like so many tangible traces of a living archive. Here, V.D. is simply cobbling together the very nature of his art practice, which is traversed by multiple currents of energy that he combines intuitively. His constellations on the walls concentrate on the core material of the creative process. They escape the forecasts inherent to documentary territory or to fiction, returning instead to the studio of his encounters in Cuba, the Himalayas, or the city of Mulhouse (where he was an artist in residence in October 2015). Catalogue is a floating installation, anchored in the pictorial process, the fluid and empathetic writing of a world with no categories, embraced with no end.