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The New Portrait – Part I


Portraits by
Mona Kuhn, Rong Rong , 
Zhang Hai'er, Anders Petersen 
Vincent Delbrouck, Aurore Valade
Ren Hang, Devin Yalkin, 
Lara Gasparotto, Tom Callemin
Luo Yang , Zhe Chen


31/5/2015 – 11/7/2015


This is the first of a series of exhibitions about the Portrait

In the exhibition, renowned photographers as Mona Kuhn, Anders Petersen, Francoise Huguier , Rong Rong and Zhang Hai’er are confronted with emerging photographers : Tom Callemin (Brugge) , Lara Gasparotto (Brussels) Luo Yang (Beijing) , Zhe Chen (Beijing) , Devin Yalkin (NYC), Chad Moore (NYC)

Many of the works have never been shown in Europe before, like the amazing Guangzhou portraits of Zhang Hai’er , the portraits of Chad Moore, new work of Lara Gasparotto, a new portrait of Francoise Huguier, the amazing work of Luo Yang.