Stieglitz 19

Daisuke Yokota


Daisuke Yokota belongs to a new generation of young Japanese photographers who are radically interweaving photography and bookmaking, breaking rules, combining multiple tools, and pushing experimental limits to the extreme. Yokota’s creative process starts at the point where many other photographers are almost finished. He takes simple snapshots and then creates his final image by applying various techniques and interventions – he photographs, develops, prints, and photographs each image again and again, and he continues experimenting in his homemade darkroom, taking the process even further by developing film in boiling solutions, leaking light, or leaving deliberate scratches. Very often he repeats the process several times and rarely follows the same steps the same way twice, and he employs digital manipulation, but finds that working with film adds more natural distortion. All of these extra layers of intervention combine to create deformation, imperfection, and visual noise, bringing a distinctive visual language to Yokota’s photography.