Antony Cairns

Antony Cairn’s LDN Project is an odd architectural record. A metallic hallucinatory fever dream of London at night. Gone are the romantically lit city streets. Instead, light, fog and chemical drips become architectural forces – imposing themselves in from all sides, overriding the buildings and industrial alleyways. The lamposts and lit signs reveal and conceal a new […]

Oliver Sieber

For many years Oliver Sieber has been asking young people to appear before his camera, people whose clothing is associated with a specific subculture, be it punk, skin, teddy boy, rockabilly, goth, etc. Many are extravagantly styled, yet while sometimes the look is an elaborate act, other times an individual figure’s appearance strikes the artist’s […]

Lara Gasparotto

Une typologie du corpus d’images de Lara Gasparoto fait apparaître l’insistante figure de la femme : jeune, sensuelle, recueillie parfois jusqu’au repliement. Ce sont elles, ces figures immatures et sexuées, qui permettent de mettre en contact l’intime et les représentations symboliques du monde. On décèle toute une chorégraphie qui est une quête du déplie : […]

Chinese Spring #2

Chinese Spring #2 : the new wave of the 21st century Chinese art scene. Chinese Spring #2 is an overview of some very recent works of the Beijing Avant-Garde. Most of the works of Chi Peng, Liu Xiaofang , 223 ( Lin Zhipeng) and Ren Hang will be shown for the first time ever in […]