Stieglitz 19

Lara Gasparotto – The Polaroids


Stieglitz19 Brussels Rue Saint Georges 24 (fri-sat 2 to 6 pm)

Opening September 10th from 2 to 6 pm

Preview during Brussels gallery weekend September 8th from 5 to 9 pm

Daisuke Yokota –  Sludge


Stieglitz19 Antwerp Klapdorp 2 (fri-sat 2 to 6 pm)




















Lara Gasparotto – The Polaroids

List of Works Lara Click Here

With this series, Lara Gasparotto shows a new series of polaroid works, made in the last 2 years in Congo and the Azores, she shows the works in 2 sizes


Daisuke Yokota – Sludge

List of Works Daisuke Click Here 

Celebrated internationally for his interdisciplinary and energetic approach to art and bookmaking, this show will focus on the artist’s experiments with color photography. With this series, as Yokota explains, he “tried not to take pictures,” and instead sought to “draw out the physical aspect of film.” Yokota layered sheets of unused large format color film and applied unorthodox developing methods before scanning the results. Here, documentation is replaced with darkroom alchemy in order to show that the essence of photography rests not necessarily with the camera, but in film itself.

Within the legacy of the Provoke school, Yokota is working to redefine the role of image-making in the post-photography age. If his predecessors sought to destroy photography, Yokota has left the camera entirely behind. This practice upends the assumption that photography only records images from the world, and instead accentuates the physical particularities of an evolving medium. Yokota’s focus on the materiality of film has produced a series of abstract images, seemingly transparent and liquescent in form. Taken together, Yokota’s ecstatic colors and unexpected shapes establish a new language for color photography.