Stieglitz 19

A Tree

open Thursday / Friday / Saturday from 2 – 6 pm – until July 18th

curated by Marie Papazoglou

Works of Ren Hang, Cai Dong Dong, Sun Yanchu , Cai Huanhe , Lara Gasparotto , Thomas Vandenberghe, Sybren Vanoverberghe, Boris Thiebaut, Beatrice Lortet, Cassio Vasconcellos, Daido Moriyama , Juanan Requena

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list of works ” a tree” click here

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Wunderkammer #2

Wunderkammer #2 will be online from april 15. It is a selection of work of young artists of the gallery at affordable prices with following themes : young talent, polaroid, unique works , Chinese spring : chinese talent , masters of photography , collages

Wunderkammer may 2020 v2 price