Stieglitz 19

Chinese Spring #3

Ren Hang, Lin Zhipeng (aka 233), Ji Zhou, Zhang Wei, Chen Wei, Liang Xiu, Yishin Huang, Cai Huanhe.

This third exhibition in the Chinese Spring series showing new and upcoming talent from China is an hommage to Ren Hang, the artist which was shown for the first time in Europe at Stieglitz19. Artist as Ren Hang and Lin Zhipeng (aka 223) invented a totally new way of representing their world , uncontrolled.

The exhibition shows for the first time new work of the imaginary landscapes of Ji Zhou, the constructed portraits of Zhang Wei, the installations of Chen Wei , and the amazing works of the 21th year old girl Liang Xiu.

2 Guangzhou artists making oil painting (Yishin Huang) and wood printing (Cai Huanhe) confront the photographic works , both have reinvented their respective media.