Stieglitz 19

Daisuke Yokota


With his strongly contrasted black-and-white photography, Yokota seems to, at first glance, be working in the Japanese photography tradition. However a close examination of his work reveals an individual approach in which the elements of process and intervention play an important role. He uses a combination of digital photography and traditional film to shoot and re-shoot images, which he then manipulates further using other techniques such as photocopying and Photoshop. He has set up an improvised darkroom in his apartment where he can freely experiment with analogue techniques and chemical processes, where chance is also allowed to leave its traces on the final image. Yokota adds layer upon layer to his work, with each layer offering new potential for the next image, leading to alienated, mysterious and poetic representations of a different sort of world.

Daisuke Yokota graduated from the Nippon Photography Institute in 2003. In 2008 he received an honourable mention in the 31st Canon New Cosmos of Photography, and he won the grand prix of “1_Wall Award”. Daisuke has several publications to his name, including various self-published books and zines and such recent publications as Site/Cloud (Artbeat Publishers, 2013) and Untitled (Goliga Books 2013). His latest book Vertigo will be published soon (by Newfave books). Daisuke Yokota is a member of the international artists collective AM projects and the Japanese photographers collective He was recently responsible for the art direction of the latest video clip of the Danish singer Majke Voss Romme, aka Broken Twin.
As a winner of the Outset | Unseen Exhibition Fund 2013, Daisuke had a solo exhibition – with works from his Site/Cloud series in Foam, in June 2014.