Stieglitz 19

John Humble – Dave Jordano

American Landscape

John Humble (1944) lives for over 30 years in Los Angeles , and has made over that period of time an extrodinary series : LA Landscape, a series which has been shown at the J. Paul Getty Museum. These images, taken with a large scale camera , placed on his VW van show images from the outskirts of LA, in vivid colours with an extrodinary composition.
Following to this exhibition, John Humble has made a roadtrip throughout the US, documenting the interior of the US , we see crossroads in abandoned towns, shiny grain silo’s , run down shops in abandoned villages. It shows the backside of the American dream , the reality of abandoned towns in the US.

Dave Jordano (1948) has been documenting the American Landscape from his hometown Chicago. He shows for the first time the series Prairieland, a series of images of smalltown America, abandoned villages and towns in the Midwest, pictures look very much like paintings of Hopper.
The works of John Humble and Dave Jordano are in the collections of the MOCP Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the San Francisco Museum of Arts, the J Paul Getty Museum, the Museum of American Art, the Smithsonian.