Stieglitz 19

Untitled, 2 prints, 6x4 cm, framed 33 silver gelatin print, unique


Thomas Vandenberghe, Vincent Delbrouck

With Odysseus we want to explore how we can detach ourselves as photographers from our own subjects that deal with time and space, memory and people. It is important to see process in what we are doing as artists so therefore we try and understand what process means. The images are floating between our close and faraway environment and the people we come across in life.

We are three different people and three different photographers. We came together in one and the same house with our visions and ideas. Our collective stimuli created the framework for this show. The exhibition ‘Odysseus’ will show images of the mind, reminding us about everything we saw before and might never get to see again in the future.

Odysseus is our translation of the famous myths, our self processed utopia, our island, our horses and cyclopes, our darkest parts of life, our trip and our story, our life.