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ren hang

new works

Ren Hang (born 1987) is a poet and photographer based in Beijing, China.   His provocative and explicit, but yet poetic work shot by a common small size digital camera is quite unique .

This rising star in the contemporary Chinese art scene uses constructed staged photography (in some cases pretending to be snapshot)


His works has always been to difficult to show in present day China (except from an exhibition at 3 Shadows and CAFA museum). His photographs are about the present day china, with their relationships, their emotions and their fears.

The people he depicts in his works are mostly looking straight in the camera, often in a setting in nature, on rooftops, or with toys or animals. He uses the body as a sculpture to make a new image, with mostly vivid colours and sometimes over exposed shots.

It is all about the awaking of a new generation in present day china, who seek their way in the present over industrialised and commercialised society, in which they do not find their place. It is about sexual liberty, their lifestyle, their day to day life. Many of the subjects in his pictures as nudity or homosexuality are taboos in China. Together with 223 (Lin Zhipeng) , he is at the foreground of the new avant garde in Chinese Photography. His shows are mostly a patchworks of works, small and big.


The present show is the largest solo show of Ren Hang in Europe, Stieglitz19 was the first one to show Ren Hang , together with 223. Ren Hang will be present at the opening and will show some of his most recent works. When Ren Hang reacts to criticism to his explicit works he replies : What others see as tradition, I don’t see as my tradition.


At times the work is exploitative and highly fetishistic, provoking and immediate emotional response, at other times it is abstract and minimalistic, inviting a quiet contemplation.